Stormwater Solutions

We’re often brought into a project to solve a problem related to stormwater, either to fix a non-performing stormwater management feature or to eliminate a flooding or excess water issue. We know water is always a resource, but it’s hard to see the value of water when it’s impacting business, flooding our homes, or contained by a weed-filled and erosion prone basin or swale. By combining our extensive knowledge of stormwater management and native plantings, we can turn a current water liability into a valuable resource. Yes, stormwater management features need to function as designed to reduce flooding and filter pollutants, but they can also look beautiful, compliment your landscape, and support native insects, birds and fish.

Green Infrastructure

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The implementation of green infrastructure is a best management practice (BMP) intended mainly to filter pollutants from stormwater. Common applications include engineered systems such as bio-swales, rain gardens, and bio-infiltration basins; or natural systems such as naturalized retention basins and constructed wetlands. Engineered systems rely on a combination of engineered soils and deep-rooted native plants to capture and treat high-frequency, low-intensity rain events. Natural systems are designed to retain water for longer periods of time while vegetation and natural processes work to clean the water.


Unfortunately, these structures often end up not functioning correctly or looking bad. Inadequate drainage is most often at the root of failed engineered structures, with poorly designed or improperly installed soil mixes to blame. Inadequate planting design or a lack of maintenance is also a frequent problem.


Featured Case Study:

MWRD Blue Island


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Natural and created wetlands cleanse stormwater, help in flood control and provide groundwater recharge. Because of their importance, wetlands are protected by Federal and Local Government. Potential impacts to wetlands must be approved and permitted by the Government prior to damage occurring or the property owner may be subject to fines. Additionally, when impacts are permitted, they typically require mitigation (replacing the lost function).

Mitigation or the creation of wetlands can be costly, and the process can be difficult for inexperienced contractors. It’s a fact, as few as 18% of mitigation projects comply with permit conditions. A delay in permit sign-off costs time, costs money, and may prevent the release of bonds or occupancy. In comparison, 100% of our permitted projects have achieved sign-off. We know what it takes to build or restore wetlands, and we get it done right the first time.

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Featured Case Study:

Burnham Prairie Annex

Gray Infrastructure

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We are committed to utilizing green solutions, however in today’s urban and suburban environment, we realize it may not always be an option. If you have a situation where the water has to be eliminated, a gray infrastructure solution may be the only way to truly fix the problem. When appropriate, we combine gray infrastructure solutions with green infrastructure features, such as bio-swales, wetlands or naturalized ponds.

Gray infrastructure includes the use of underdrain systems, fixing or modifying concrete pipe flared end sections, creating curb cuts to allow proper drainage, and the use of cisterns or rainwater harvesting systems. Additionally, the installation and management of water control structures in ponds and other green infrastructure systems, is a critical gray infrastructure component that we have significant experience in.




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Featured Case Study:

Chicago Botanic Garden

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